Privacy Policy

1. Registrar

Name: Aviation Electronics Finland Oy
Business ID: 2655505-5
Address: Keskitie 7
Zip code: 33470
Phone: 0104113480
Email Address:

2. Registry Officer

Name: Aviation Electronics Finland Oy / Mertsi Ahopelto
Email Address:

3. Purpose of the register

The personal data collected is used for:

The register is used for customer relationship management and as a source of business decision making. The register is also used to maintain and develop customer relations.

The register can be used for marketing, but not for electronic marketing without the consent of the recipient.

4. Criteria for gathering and processing data

The customer’s information is collected and processed with the consent of the customer or in order to implement the contract with the customer.

5. Information content of the register

Company name, Business-ID, E-mail address, Telephone number, Social security number

6. Storage time

Personal data is kept for as long as they are needed to implement a contract with a customer or to develop customer service.

7. Regular sources of information

Information is collected from:

From the person himself.

8. Regular disclosure of data and transfer of data outside the EU or the European economic area

Information is not ordinarily outsourced. Some of the company’s service providers or software providers may store data outside the EU or the European economic area.

9. Use of cookies

We cookies on our website. A cookie is a small text file to be sent to and stored on a user’s computer, enabling the web site administrator to identify frequently visited visitors on the site, to facilitate visitors signing in to pages, and to enable compilation of visitors to the site. With this feedback, we can continually improve the content of our pages. Cookies do not hurt users’ computers or files. We use them so that we can provide our customers with information and services tailored to each individual needs.

If our site does not want us to access the above information with cookies, most browsers will allow you to disable the cookie feature. This usually happens through the browser settings

However, it is good to note that cookies may be necessary to ensure that some of the pages we maintain and the services we provide are working properly.

10. Protection of the registry

Data is transmitted over an SSL-protected connection.

The electronic data is protected by a firewall, with a username and password.

Data access is only available to those who are in the service of the controller who need information in their duties.

11. Automatic decision-making

Automated individual decisions (Article 22 of the EU Data Protection Regulation) are not done.

12. Rights

The individual has the right to inspect what information relating to him has been deposited in the Personal Data Register. A written request must be sent to the person responsible for the Registered Register.

The right of inspection is free of charge at most once a year.

The Registrant has the right to claim rectification or removal of incorrect or obsolete data or transfer of data from one system to another. The individual also has the right to limit or object to the processing of his data in accordance with Articles 18 and 21 of the EU Data Protection Regulation.

The data subject has the right to withdraw his prior consent to the processing of data or to file complaints with the supervisory authority on the processing of his or her personal data.

The registrant is also entitled to prohibit the use of his data for direct marketing purposes.